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Society Members,

It is time once again for members of The LOMA Society of Ohio to take advantage of the annual scholarship opportunities!  The Society will award two candidates a scholarship in the amount of $750.00 each.

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • The candidate must be a high school graduate, accepted by a university, or already a college student.
  • The candidate must be, or have a parent who is, an active LOMA Society member in good standing.
  • The candidate must have maintained a good scholastic record throughout high school or college study.
  • The candidate must be pursuing either 1) a baccalaureate degree full-time, or part-time if employed or 2) a Master’s degree.

Please note that Board Members or children of board members are not eligible for these scholarships.

The application (see links above) must be completed and received by end of day Friday, August 9, 2019.  Any applications received after this date will not be eligible for consideration.  Applicants must include a certified copy of college transcripts, or a record of standard achievement examinations (American College Testing Program, or Scholastic Aptitude Test) taken by the applicant.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  All eligible applications will be reviewed by the LOMA Education sub-committee and will be evaluated on the basis of scholastic achievement, school activities, awards or honors, and extracurricular activities.  Finalists will be referred to the LOMA Society Board for final selection. Announcement of scholarship recipients will be sent via US mail by Friday, August 23, 2019.

Scholarship recipients will be presented to the LOMA Society of Ohio membership at the
annual fall meeting as well as in the newsletter following the decision.

Please feel free to forward any questions to the LOMA Society Education Chairpersons listed below.


Jen Cline, Cincinnati Education Chair              

Nick Moulakis, President